Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is a place of great nurturing. Feminine energy a place for going within, Cathedral Rock is very empowering in that small inner voice within.

The trails at Cathedral Rock are moderate to difficult, depending on which trails you take. They may involve scaling up some smaller rock formation and crevices. Here’s a tip for hiking Cathedral Rock – look for the rocks that appear like stairs.  If you are here in hot weather, start your hike in the early morning hours. Bring lots of water and some snacks. Wear sunscreen and a hat. The red rocks can become very hot under the summer sun, and shade is much harder to come by on the Cathedral Rock trails. You’ll discover the views from Cathedral Rock are well worth the effort. 

The fingers rock formation at Cathedral Rock, are also known as the lovers.  Some Native American Indian storytellers say that “The Lovers” rocks were created because Great Spirit was watching a couple who were always arguing. They endlessly blamed one another for this or that. Finally, he had the lovers turn around and look out into the world and see all the beauty that surrounded them. Great Spirit asked them to count their blessings. From that day forward, they had not bickered once and are in constant harmony.

The easiest way up Cathedral Rock is to go across the creek bed and follow the path to the second dry creek bed. Turn right on this trail and continue climbing all the way up.  The creek bed turns into solid rock and looks like a staircase in some areas. This is the easiest way to climb Cathedral Rock and offers a fantastic view.

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