News Release

A New product just released into Sedona Arizona!

It’s called “Tales and Trails of the Red Rocks.” An 80 minute self guided narrative Drive Tour throughout the Sedona area.

The tour offer's to the listener an opportunity to tour Sedona at their own pace. While being in the comfort and the intimacy of their own car. The audio drive tour visits 16 wonderful locations and offers 28 tracks of tales, history and music. Giving the listener knowledgeable information on Culture, Geology and local Native American history.

On one of the tracks, Ted Kills in the Fog, A Native American Crow Indian, Pete A. Sanders Jr., an M.I.T. graduate Scientist and Suzanne McMillan McTavish, a Metaphysical Leader, all Sedona Residents come together to give their different interpretations of what a Vortex is and how the energy of Sedona may effect people. Although they may sound different in their spoken words, surprisingly enough, the message they deliver is close to being the same.

This wonderful fun filled Audio drive tour is Produced and Directed by Robert Berman from EZ Back Tours of Sedona. Mr. Berman's Mission Statement, "I wanted to make a tour that would help bring awareness to one's own inner peace along their path, to produce a drive tour throughout Sedona, that is both Informative and Intimate, while honoring this sacred land, helping the listener to bring themselves into a quieter place, and into to a higher state of awareness."

The tour is narrated by one of Sedona's favorite radio personalities -- Shaeri Richards!

Written by local Sedona writers, Linda Summers, Colleen Carlson, Sarito Margaret Barnett and Robert Berman.

Contributors: Suzanne Clemenez with Arizona Highways

The background music is performed by David and Steve Gordon along with Debra Martin, from Sequoia Records.

The Sedona Drive Tour offers to any listener, whether a visitor or a long time resident to Sedona, an excellent overview of what Sedona is truly all about. The Tour is a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to learn more about Sedona. Check it out!

World Voice Publishing- Sedona, Arizona